Yesterday I had my first exam in 2 years. It was a computing exam for 3 hours in a pretty nice hotel. Questions were not too bad however I did not prepare for it... by not prepared I mean your scared of not waking up for the exam, that you stay up to prevent missing it. Worst idea ever ~_~. 
I finish the exam in about an hour and as I walk back with a friend we talk about the exam and have that moment when your friend tells you his answers and realise that your own answers are wrong.

The questions they asked (from what I remember) are:
1) Procedural Programming/Procedures/Nested Procedures/Stack Frame
2) Turtle Graphics(easy points for those who did pythagorean tree, which I didnt do...)
3) Structured Programming/Control Flow/Number Sequence in Loop
4) Turing Machine
5) Boolean Algebra
6) Assembly Language(Ian's stuff)

I would have been better off if the turtle question was something else...
Should be getting a pass or more and I'm not too worried about it. Now I need to revise for mathematics for this Tuesday!

and yes we suited up for an exam haha