continuous shot photos made into GIF

豆腐 !

so far loving my new camera 8]
however the current weather does not go down well !!


capturing the moment

So I have decided that I will get a new camera!
Really excited as I always wanted to get a digital SLR :)

For some reason when I searched "Canon 550d" in google images, I found a picture of Jackie Chan, haha. Apparentely there is a Jackie Chan limited edition and no I am not getting it lol.

On a serious note, I have probed and asked my two "brothers" many questions about cameras, and never knew there can be so much variation and kinds, especially in lenses. Thanks to them I have a better understanding :).

As far as I know in basic terms :-
Aperture - the f number allows the camera to absorb or grab light, so the lower the f number the more light it will get. This will make taking photos in lower light situations easier. With aperture the lower it is the greater the field of depth.
Lens Length - 50mm is the same as human eyes. 200mm is for close up shots and can create really interesting perspectives, making some objects larger than usual. 20mm is for wide shots.
ISO - this increases the brightness of the photo, the higher the ISO the brighter the picture, however this generates a noisier/grainy picture.
Shutter speed - the speed at which the camera takes a shot. The quicker the shutter speed is the less blurry the picture will be. However people put on the shutter speed for longer to create the generic night time light scenes. A lot of people take pictures of themselves writing something with their torches. Or pictures of cars at night to create seams of light.

I've probably touched the surface of the terms and I'm only writing out these for my own good so I can remember. 

I am getting a 50mm f1.4 lens with the camera. It costs quite a lot and the difference between this and the 50mm f1.8 is huge....
Anyway, I know I will have so much fun with this new toy ! Can't wait for it to come :D


Blog Update!

Just realised I neglected my blog...need to stop doing that :(

Anyway, I am back from Hong Kong through a very tiring plane journey.... 30KG+ stuff brought back and I swear the suitcase handles was gonna snap cos it was that heavy.
I'm back to to UK I can actually hear silence. Now I'm wondering what to do for summer....so far I'm going to Manchester for a week, helping a friend rig some pandas for his project and maybe find a part time job....

annndd here's a cat riding a dog :D