some new work

I have successfully moved into my new house in Bournemouth and it is really cosy and nice :)
I will post up photos of it later! 
Uni hasn't started yet but I have joined in this new exciting project that involves video mapping projections on three buildings in Bournemouth.
The project is called "Take Over The Towers" -  http://www.facebook.com/TakeOverTheTowers
I'll be involved with producing some 3D mapping and just making stuff look cool !

Here's a test in Maya. Just playing around with windows and extruding it to create a 3D effect. At the moment it does not look pretty or anything spectacular but when it is projected it will look 10x better.

I've also randomly modelled and rigged an anglerfish for fun :D, hopefully I will be animating it soon. It was done in 2 nights. The texture looks terrible but it still looks cool regardless :)

I've learnt something new from a tutorial. There is actually no lights in this scene, but just material with a mia_light_surface plugged in. It creates a cool glow effect, however only works when there is an object or mesh surrounding it. Also final gathering needs to be turned on.

Tomorrow (Or today) I will be going to CNBLUE concert in London !! Can't wait :D


Blog Update

Now it's the end of summer 2012, and the next will be the start of 2nd year of Computer Animation!
Can't wait to start the course and see what we will be doing. I know there will be a group project which should be exciting.
Over the summer it seems like I didn't do as much work as I hoped for, but nevertheless I've had an awesome 4 months of travelling and seeing people and places.
I have been helping a friend with some animation. The panda is so cute and funny to animate with. Hopefully we will get it done soon. The character is from a HK based company.

I will be moving in to my new house this Monday in Bournemouth and I'll put up a tour of it :), it should be pretty cool !
Next weekend I shall be going to London to see CNBLUE live ! Can't wait for that :D

Also to end, me and my cousin saw this japanese guy in Manchester Comic Con, we ended up meeting up in London recently and he is a very cool person :).
His name is Yasunobu Shidami, he is an artist and I love his work. Check it out @ http://www.nanairononiji.com