some new work

I have successfully moved into my new house in Bournemouth and it is really cosy and nice :)
I will post up photos of it later! 
Uni hasn't started yet but I have joined in this new exciting project that involves video mapping projections on three buildings in Bournemouth.
The project is called "Take Over The Towers" -  http://www.facebook.com/TakeOverTheTowers
I'll be involved with producing some 3D mapping and just making stuff look cool !

Here's a test in Maya. Just playing around with windows and extruding it to create a 3D effect. At the moment it does not look pretty or anything spectacular but when it is projected it will look 10x better.

I've also randomly modelled and rigged an anglerfish for fun :D, hopefully I will be animating it soon. It was done in 2 nights. The texture looks terrible but it still looks cool regardless :)

I've learnt something new from a tutorial. There is actually no lights in this scene, but just material with a mia_light_surface plugged in. It creates a cool glow effect, however only works when there is an object or mesh surrounding it. Also final gathering needs to be turned on.

Tomorrow (Or today) I will be going to CNBLUE concert in London !! Can't wait :D