End of Term 1

Finally finished term one of second year! So much has happened and I have learnt a lot in this past few months... Going into uni everyday for a 9am start is so tiring however that is going to change in the next term as I only have maths and programming lessons to go to, so that means I only go in for like 3 days of the week!
I am actually dreading next year as I know it's going to be busy time. We have 5 assignments to be handed in and most of them having a deadline very near each other :(
Anyway enough of work, it's Christmas and I can't wait to get back home !

Recently I've watched quite a lot of movies....Rise of the Guardians, Hobbit, Brick and Confessions.
All of them was good ! Rise of the Guardians was just showing off with amazing visual effects and character animation. The same goes for Hobbit and it was nothing short of spectacular. 
However Confessions stood out storywise. If you have not seen it and want some kind of intense thriller/psychological movie then I recommend it. It is very eerie and slow but it picks up pace quickly. Oh it's a Japanese movie not Usher's two part songs haha.
There was a Radiohead song in the film aswell :)

I recently bought the game Walking Dead on the PS3 and Assassins Creed 3.
Walking Dead is a story driven game. It's a game based on your choices you make. I won't talk about it and if you have a PS3 then get this game. It is amazing.
Assassins Creed 3 is also amazing haha. I searched up the soundtrack and it is made by Hans Zimmer.... No wonder it sounds like Batman and Inception.... I love Hans Zimmer but I can instantly recognise his music. This can be a good thing but I think that the fact that it's popping up everywhere in different kinds of medium makes angry that there's no creativity to change.
Nevertheless, I love the soundtrack :D


SIGGRAPH Asia 2012

Last week I was a student volunteer for a big conference called "SIGGRAPH" in Singapore.
SIGGRAPH stands for Special Interests Group For Computer Graphics.
This experience was invaluable to me as I had the chance to meet new people from all over the World and to visit a new place.
I'll start off with the place, Singapore.
Singapore is a diverse country with many different languages, such as Malay, Chinese, English and Tamil.
To my surprise, many people could speak more than one language. However I mainly noticed everyone speaking English as the main communication. Their accents is very unique, it is nothing from what I have heard before but they definitely have their own distinct voice that separates Singapore from the rest of the World.
The environment and the way the city has been built is absolutely amazing. It is one of the coolest places I have been so far. The places in Singapore I have been are Marina Bay, Gardens at the Bay, Night Zoo, Singapore Trail, Clarke Quay, Bugis and Little India. I didn't have time to go to Sentosa Island or Universal Studios :(

I will definitely visit Singapore again....

The SIGGRAPH event itself, I would recommend anyone who is interested in Computer Graphics to go if they have not been yet. It gives you an insight of what it truly is. The emergence of art and science together. Most talks can be super technical and go into physics and science, such as rendering, GPU, mathematics and so forth. However there are insights to how people have made animations and talks of in the making.
You get to meet people who are already in the industry already and make contacts. 
Double Negative, LucasFilms and Pixar was some of the big companies there to give talks.
They also had a section on new emerging technologies which showed off Masters/PhD students work. (Most of them were from University of Tokyo).

As for the people I have met in SIGGRAPH. All I can say is that they are all lovely people who has the same interests as you. They come from different backgrounds and most of them speaking more than one language aswell. It's really cool to meet different kinds of people from the World to see how they behave and what their culture is like. It really opens your eyes to see what people are out there and what they are doing.
I felt soo young there though because most of them were one of the following; final year, masters, PhD or working. They are all really smart people and had a passion for what they were doing.

Maybe I'll see them again next year at the SIGGRAPH in Hong Kong!

Photo Courtesy of Nicolas Benoit

A snippet of what I have seen in Singapore and SIGGRAPH