End of Term 1

Finally finished term one of second year! So much has happened and I have learnt a lot in this past few months... Going into uni everyday for a 9am start is so tiring however that is going to change in the next term as I only have maths and programming lessons to go to, so that means I only go in for like 3 days of the week!
I am actually dreading next year as I know it's going to be busy time. We have 5 assignments to be handed in and most of them having a deadline very near each other :(
Anyway enough of work, it's Christmas and I can't wait to get back home !

Recently I've watched quite a lot of movies....Rise of the Guardians, Hobbit, Brick and Confessions.
All of them was good ! Rise of the Guardians was just showing off with amazing visual effects and character animation. The same goes for Hobbit and it was nothing short of spectacular. 
However Confessions stood out storywise. If you have not seen it and want some kind of intense thriller/psychological movie then I recommend it. It is very eerie and slow but it picks up pace quickly. Oh it's a Japanese movie not Usher's two part songs haha.
There was a Radiohead song in the film aswell :)

I recently bought the game Walking Dead on the PS3 and Assassins Creed 3.
Walking Dead is a story driven game. It's a game based on your choices you make. I won't talk about it and if you have a PS3 then get this game. It is amazing.
Assassins Creed 3 is also amazing haha. I searched up the soundtrack and it is made by Hans Zimmer.... No wonder it sounds like Batman and Inception.... I love Hans Zimmer but I can instantly recognise his music. This can be a good thing but I think that the fact that it's popping up everywhere in different kinds of medium makes angry that there's no creativity to change.
Nevertheless, I love the soundtrack :D