a new chapter

Yesterday was the day of deadline for two big projects !
One of them was group project. Spending literally everyday in labs to push this project. However looking back on it we could have done it in a couple of weeks not a couple of months.... I guess all of us in the group learnt some valuable lessons. It was good to work in a group with different dynamics and how to organise files haha. We learnt that naming files and placing them in the correct places would be helpful. We passed files across over a 16GB USB stick while in labs, then that broke. So we would use the transfer drives on the PC's however accessing them was not straight forward because of stupid permissions ~_~.
We all had so much fun naming files and taking the mick out of each other.
I named a fountain object for my director and it was called "fountainofHope_forGayDan.obj". He replied with this, its so epic im going to give it its own space.

"Fountain_winnerwinnerchickendinner_forvictory_holding the fort_likeaboss_jerryisgay.obj"

Decisions that you make throughout the project has it's own repercussions.
Our group project piece is mostly in darkness and about some creatures lighting up the place. So most of the time if some of our textures or objects looked bad, our director would say "Put it in the darkness, no one will see it". We did that most of the time and in the end we changed our plot and had the whole scenery lighting up in day. This created problems and everything that looked bad would show up. In the end my director took the blow and had to do planar texture to the camera.

Second was our character design and cinematography. I literally rushed this so much that I spent a night doing whole of cinematography project...
Here was the pose sheet for my character. His name is Dumbaroo, he is a dumb kangaroo thief.
Some people say he is a pregnant dragon.... Then my housemate revealed to me that only female kangaroos have pouches. So overall fail on my part, but at least he has appeal.