big update!

It is now a day after I handed in my last assignment for 2nd term. I feel so free and liberated and not needing to think what I need to do next! This term has been crazy and busy for me so I haven't really been posting much on here.
So what happened in these past few months?

Group project finished, badminton uni team picture taken, random snowing, awesome orchestra symphony, character design, cinematography, fellow classmates doing all nighters, assassin creed addiction, hardcore programming in C++ and OpenGL, more random snowing, the vfx industry slapped in the face during oscars, long hours of mathematics lectures, django unchained, eating sushi every week, fellow classmates getting angry about our course, and now Easter!

In January and February things got a bit hectic with group project, we had a lot more work cut out but I'm glad we all pulled together in the end. It was definitely worth it. We still think that the piece needs more improvements but I guess with the given timescale we did as much as we can. Check out the video below :) 

This was really fun and awkward at the same time haha. Jay organised a fund raising event for red nose day by allowing us to throw sponges at the demonstrators and staff. Definitely made my day but I felt so bad for jay and cos because they were the only two doing it. Also it was a really cold and windy day.... Aaron had pleasure throwing it at Cos aswell haha.

Lastly, I finish with my programming assignment, which is a Flocking System done with OpenGL, C++, NGL and QtCreator. I actually didn't think I would finish this on time because I had so many problems a long the way. Somehow I pulled through and this is the result ! I still think I can improve it as I have the n^2 complexity problem and some variables need tweaking.
I have Specialist project and two exams in computing and maths coming up. Also I need to start developing my showreel for a possible placement next year. But for now I am in dire need of a proper break from uni.
A whole week of doing nothing :)