Ohhhh yyeeah !!!! This trailer gets me excited about MGS again. Hideo Kojima is really a talent to the gaming industry with his cinematic and story driven games. I absolutely love the way they made this trailer.
It's got so much going on and the soundtrack gives it this eery feel. It's a new approach and I like it.
Kojima has made 10 games in the same franchise and still manage to keep it strong. Now that is something.
MGS 5 is split into two. Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain. The former is the prologue to Phantom Pain.
Apparently it talks about how these people called XOF destroyed their base, "Militaires Sans Frontieres". The name that Big Boss gave his army. An army without borders. This was in the game "Peace Walker", which was also a good game for the PSP. I guess Phantom Pain is where the real deal happens in which I have no clue what goes on in it. Anyway in this trailer it shows how Big Boss went into this coma after a traumatic event. Then he wakes up after 9 years to see all this chaos. It looks like actual villains but after some reading I heard that it's the past events haunting him and how everyone is after him. So it seems that he could be dreaming or hallucinating. You see people that looks similar to characters from MGS3.

This article gives some interesting thoughts and if it's all true then Kojima has definitely thought through his plans..... He says he is truly retiring after this game. Which I guess is fair enough however I think he will still be producing and overseeing big projects :)

The song used in this trailer that had an eery melancholy feel to it.