pose space deformation

testing pose space deformation using Chad Vernon's "CVShapeInverter" python script.
It's essentially the same as Michael's Comet PSD script but for Maya.
Shapes are driven by joint rotations. Works smoothly but some extreme poses is still questionable.
I learnt a bit more about aim constraints and vectors (yet again). Getting the up vectors right to ensure the rotation of the wrist does not flip the forearm joints.

I read up this guy's work : http://circecharacterworks.wordpress.com/
He looks into quaternions and it's quite interesting how he manages to get a really nicely deformed wrist rotation. Looking into cartoon characters he realised that he needs to push his poses and really stretch them out.

Other good ideas he commented on was cleverly scaling the mesh abound to the joint when volume is slowly being lost. Also maybe even using colliders to stop candy wrapping however I have still need to find the right collide deformer to push out the mesh from the inside.

edit : turns out I didn't use pose space deformation but just corrective blendshapes. I am looking into using Comet PSD tool.