FMX Germany

Three weeks ago I went to Germany for a conference called FMX. It's kind of like SIGGRAPH but on a smaller scale however it still did not disappoint. About 30 of my coursemates came along to this and it was almost like a little uni trip. We all had fun and enjoyed the time to finally have some time to relax and not think about uni work.

I got to see WETA talk about Iron Man 3, Saschka Unseld of Pixar on "The Blue Umbrella" short, Disney's Brave Simulations talk, and many others.... I pretty much engaged and enjoyed the talks that I went to. One talk I really wanted to go to was Assassin's creed 3 : procedural animation. Really wanted to see how they went about coding the animation and the A.I. behind it. My friend told me all about it and I still feel sad that I didn't go....