After coming back from FMX, I had to knuckle down on revision for Computing and Maths exam.
I've already had my computing exam and I must say the preparation and revision for these exams are pretty straight forward... I could say if you have good memory you can easily pass these tests but doing these exams gave me a much better understanding and knowledge of GPU, OpenGL and C++.
Maths is just all matrices, vectors, dot products and cross products, then applying it in the right way to solve different things.
All that's left is specialist which I haven't really properly started yet apart from gathering materials on PSD and reference. I'm focusing purely on the deformation of the shoulder using PSD.
I am currently writing up notes so if you want to follow it or have some useful links then feel free.

I kind of got sidetracked as I recently purchased myself a "chrome" ball (or a garden mirror ball which is cheaper !) I always wanted to do some HDR Images with my camera to figure out the workflow of getting an IBL into Maya and integrate CG object onto live plate. I haven't applied any texture on the hand apart from the mia material x passes. I'm too lazy to texture. Also the shadow hasn't been applied. These images probably cringe the compositors and lighters out there but whatever haha. There are marks on the mirror ball and I should ideally be taking more than one angle of the ball.
I've learnt a bit more about Colour Management and creating a CG set. In the end I'm just learning this so I can render my own stuff prettier :P
I came across this guy and he managed to create a tool that previews HDRI and create light rigs in 3D according to the HDRI. It's pretty cool.

Recently I downloaded "Magic Lantern Firmware" for my Canon 550D. It's amazing because it's given me even more control over my camera. The main reason I got it in the first place is to do HDR bracketing.
If you have a camera that can use this firmware (check their website if they support your cam) then I recommend checking it out for any features that would be useful to you. However I do advise to be very careful as it can ultimately destroy your camera if not carefully installed..... thankfully I did mine without trouble and it was straightforward.
Also there's HDR video which is cool as it records in two different ISOs simultaneously. But you have to do some video decoding into frames which separates the ISOs so you have two sets of sequenced frames. Then you encode these two sequences into one sequence that merges the two ISOs.

Apart from uni work, I went to the annual sport ball and had fun dressing up (thanks to momin for the bow tie!) Also early birthday present from Chun which is Django Unchained OST in vinyl ! So happy with it !!
Now that I am chilling a lot more I feel like the cat that keeps coming to our house. That is sleeping.