lighting with mental ray

I finally sat down with lighting and shaders with maya mental ray for personal usage.
Can't always seem to rely on playblast to showoff haha, anyhow this a rough 3D recreation of my room.
I roughly modelled it according to scale. I think it's a bit wider than the real life version but oh well.
Physical sun and sky, portal light to enhance FG for daylight interior lighting. In portal light I used a mib_blackbody to give temperature lighting.
Area light with physical light was used for the chandelier light.
In this video I animated day to night. I pushed the animation to nuke as I didn't seem to have enough rendering power/time to do gobo's or animate lighting in maya. Poor man's lighting animation :(

Much prefer daylight lighting as it shows much more form and gives a nicer feel to the interior environment

Need so much more work on shaders but I think I shall stop for the time being.

Some links that really helped
Also thanks to Michal for pushing for the chandelier shader and helping me on rendering settings :)