Life after University and before Graduation

Long time no post !

In this post I will talk about what I have been up to recently.

Straight after University I went to Double Negative to take on internship. It was exciting times. I was full of energy for the fact that I will be working on a feature film by Ridley Scott !
That's right ! Ridley Scott's upcoming film is an "epic" biblical story which has Christian Bale, Aaron Paul, Sigourney Weaver, Ben Kingsley, and many other famous actors.

I had 7 shots to do in the span of 8 weeks. So I had 1 week to learn how the company, production and 'Crowd' workflow. There was a lot to learn and they really chuck you in the deep end which I love.

I enjoyed my time there and Double Negative has such a nice open building.
After that I had a little break and now I'm back job hunting. I've actually expanded and looked into some games studios aswell as I have quite a broad range of skills but with a specialism in rigging and scripting.
I have quite a few interests already and hopefully I can tell you guys soon where I'll be working at !

I've had a few people ask "why have I moved from film to games" or "which sector do you want to go to ?"
I prefer to keep my options open as the both industries are quite similar to me. Some of you may or may not agree. There is no difference for me because I'm always learning how to tackle different problems. In rigging I guess you have less polygons to play with and it has to run throughout the whole game. Whereas in feature films you're often replicating real life and need the highest quality, you could also treat each shot with different rigs and just adjust the rig or model to the camera.
This isn't the only difference but I'm saying that you'll be always solving problems that are specific or broad in this industry.
Which is what makes it so exciting. If you don't keep up you're going to be left in the dark and become rusty quickly. Young people learn quicker and come up with creative stuff. So the fact that you're ever learning is what really draws me to what I do.

Anyway whether games or film or experimental. Doesn't matter how you do it.
We are essentially creating beautiful motion pictures.

What I particularly love about games is that you can have this immersive interactive action.
David Cage is one of the innovative people in the games industry as he tries to engage the audience with his cinematic story games. Some people like it and some don't.
I really didn't like how "Beyonce 2 Souls" panned out but I guess it was a good experiment for industry to see. "Heavy Rain" was the more popular one as it had something much more unique and tangible. (Also the story wasn't as long and stretched out)

That's that.
I leave you guys here with my recently updated CV.
Whether you are someone who wants to know what kind of CVs are out there or maybe a potential employer :)
CV Link

Also here is my updated reel.

All of the above was my "Life after University and before Graduation".
Why before graduation ? Well I still haven't had my ceremony or certificate yet...
Not because I failed in anything just because it happens in November for Bournemouth University.
Some Universities are pretty late and I guess it's to wait for the master students to finish their degree.

I hope to update you guys more often with technical and creative content that relates and interests me.

Thanks !